2014-15 School Community Council

Working together for school improvement!


Lisa Church-Parent, SCC Chair


Ashley Chamberlain-Parent, SCC Vice Chair


Audrey Tullis-Parent


Laurie Stewart-Parent


Tara Ray-Parent


BobiJo Riggins-Parent


Mandie Luce-Principal


Jeanine Johnson-Teacher/Counselor


Summary of 2013-14 Final Report

            Funds were spent in a variety of ways meant to target not only the struggling learner, but the learner in need of enrichment.  We were able to fund 4 sessions of summer school targeted for students in need of remediation and credit.  These sessions included the academic areas of Reading, Writing, Math and Science.  We were also able to hire and pay an aide to come and tutor students that were struggling with poor grades or performance.  This aide worked during our structured study hall time.  To increase our focus on upper level kids, we made a commitment to pay tuition and fees to enrichment programs for student who sought them out.  As a result, we were able to pay tuition for 9 students to attend the eSmart Summer Camp.  Funds were also set aside and used to support our educational supply money.  Purchases included items that support our new 10 period schedule and elective classes.


Kanab Middle School Community Council Meeting Agenda

February 26, 2015


In attendance:

Review & Approve January meeting minutes


  • 8th Grade Utah Scholars Assembly, March 4th
  • YTBC Competition, March 10th
  • End of 3rd Term, March 13th
  • Gym Performances, March 19th & 26th
  • Opera Assembly, March 26th
  • Spring Break, Week of March 30th

Legacy of Liberty:  Fundraising in process through March.  Posted on KMS website.

KMS Student Fundraiser:  Students are participating in a Maredy catalog fundraiser.  Ends March 6th  Funds raised go into student activities!!!  This helps to support our student council and their efforts.

White Ribbon Week:

  • Anti-Pornography, April 6-10th
  •  FTND Parent Night April 8th, FTND Student Assembly April 9th
  • Ideas

Trustland Planning:

  • Summer Programs in Math, ELA, and Science
  • In school Aide/s
  • After School Program for failing students ??
  • Supply



KMS Counseling

Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Program

8th Grade:  SEOPs will be set up for individual students and parents.  Watch for information to be sent home in the mail.


Mrs. Jeanine Johnson



School Community Council


Meeting Schedule:

September 22nd

October 30th

November 20th

December 18th

January 29th

February 26th 

March 26th

April 30th

Meetings are held at 3:10 in Mrs. Jeanine Johnson's Classroom at KMS

Serving on the Community Council is a great way for parents and teachers to contribute and help improve academic performance at our school.  Utah schools receive an annual dividend from the school trust lands.  Our council decides how these funds will be used.  Click on the link below to track the yearly funding that KMS has received.  If you are interested in becoming a member of our School Community Council, please contact Mandie Luce @ 435-644-5800

KMS Funding